We have included MP3 files of the actual lessons so that you will be able to hear the lessons and teaching from anywhere you wish. We have learned from past experience that multiple forms of reinforcement are essential to rapid learning. While you are not watching the DVD in your computer or on your TV set, we recommend listing to the MP3’s as you work out, relaxing, or driving in your car. Sure you can’t see the video, but you will still be able to benefit from the teaching. This allows you to visualize the bass and the lessons even when you are away from your instrument. THIS IS HOW YOU MAXIMIZE YOUR PLAYING!

Now you may ask yourself, why in the world would I need the MIDI files of the bass. Well MIDI is very powerful and there are a ton of resources on the internet that allow you to use MIDI files to be able to see notes, print sheet music, make lead sheets, and learn through visual representations. The major benefit of MIDI is that you can change the key of the song and/or movements. You can slow down, speed up, and pretty much manipulate many characters of the file. So if the bass teaching is not enough, or the virtual bass, or the MP3, then you can always use MIDI for even more of a powerful tool to grasp all of the notes.



We realize at Gospel Musicians that many of you don’t just play the bass. Many of you are so talented that you actually can play multiple instruments. This is why we have included the MIDI files of the keyboard parts as well. That means that you are actually getting TWO DVDs IN ONE! After you are done learning the bass movements, then go ahead and pop in the Keyboard MIDI files and learn all of the keyboard parts as well.

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