"Who Else Wants To Learn 20 Super Advanced Guitar Licks, Tricks, And Riffs Across 4 Different Styles...
Funk, R&B, Gospel, Jazz"

For The First Time Ever, Superstar Professional Guitarist, Jairus Mozee Takes You By The Hand And Drags You To "His World" Where He Personally Hand-Picks 20 Insanely Advanced Licks, Runs, Riffs, Patterns, and Fill-Ins You Can Outright STEAL And Apply To Your Own Playing Virtually Minutes After Watching!

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Hey Gospel Musician,

I just received an e-mail from my friends over at hearandplay telling me about their new Advanced Guitar course with Jairus Mozee.

And when I saw this guy playing, I must have flipped over in my chair --- he's that good.

The course is 2 hours and they are covering advanced licks, tricks, solos, patterns, and improvisational techniques you can put to work for you almost immediately.

In fact, the course is organized well. It's pretty simple. They cover 4 genres --- funk, gospel, r&b, and jazz. They basically take you through 5 licks, tricks, and soloing ideas per genre for a total of 20.

I'm not talking about quick "licks" either. One of their jazz licks is over 30 notes... you know those super fast notes you hear jazz cats playing and you always wanted to know what they were? All that is included... and more! Click here for more information.

Remember, music is music. Even though they are categorizing stuff into funk, rhythm & blues, gospel, and jazz, the truth is that all these licks, riffs, and techniques are interchangeable across multiple genres.

Enough of me talking. Go check out the video sample for yourself and pick up the course if you're serious about taking your guitar playing to the next level.

Click here to check out the site they've put together.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here.

Talk soon,

Jamal Hartwell